VictoriaHearts Review 2019

VictoriaHearts is a US-based online dating service that provides its clients with opportunities to find love among East European women. To achieve its goal, VictoriaHearts runs an online dating site in partnership with marriage agencies in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.

The site serves many men from the United States and Canada among other western countries. It has several tools you can use to nurture the long-distance relationship and keep it interesting. What’s better than getting to know each other using the options suggested by the expert matchmakers?

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Why VictoriaHearts

The search for love has become more and more complicated in the modern age. The option of looking for a life partner via the internet has become a norm. Victoria Hearts is a well-established online matchmaker that is helping many people find their better half. Victoria Hearts can vouch for the existence of the women on their site, something most online dating services are fickle about. Verified profiles are used, and you can learn personal tastes and views shared with the ladies you take a liking to. Looking for love in the online dating world has never been this straight forward.

VictoriaHearts is Best for

The women available through Victoria Heart’s services come from a vast and wide range of backgrounds, much like those you would meet in real life. The site is well suited to men who are looking for women of Eastern European origin. The women online come from various countries in the region spanning from Ukraine, Russia to Moldova. You get a seamless experience of meeting Slavic women online from whichever part of the world you are. You can even get to know them intimately through the site’s well-crafted platforms.

There is no need to take a trip to the Slavic regions to meet a Slavic beauty you want to marry. You do not even need to be tech-savvy to express your interest. As you can send a bouquet of roses via the site. Men who are looking to invest in a relationship where they have shared family values and interests with will find the services rendered by Victoria Hearts satisfactory to this purpose. It is a site created to nurture a romantic courtship.

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VictoriaHearts Feedbacks

Victoria Hearts has a lot of positive feedback from its clientele. That is not only feedback from users finding the site supportive to their intentions but also feedback from a growing number of success stories. Irina and Paul are one such couple who met through Victoria Hearts. Today, Paul is a happy husband who says of his wife, “I cannot imagine never having met Irina. We understand each other so well.”

Another couple Alex and Olga have settled into a blissful union together in Australia, having met five years ago thanks to Victoria Hearts. Olga is one of the many Slavic beauties who have met their ideal suitor in this way. Alex is enthusiastic about recommending Victoria Heart’s services as it worked so well for him.

VictoriaHearts Pros

Algorithm-based search

Searching for “the one” has never been this simplified before. Victoria Hearts uses a matching technique based on a computer algorithm. This algorithm is applied to all your searches giving you access to girls you are most likely to be interested in based on your preferences. You may have certain attributes that might be more appealing, for instance, height or eye color. The search based on the site’s algorithm will combine this factor with the rest of your preferences, giving you a more precise search result.

Easy to use

Using online services can present a lot of hurdles when the website comes with a complicated design. Victoria Hearts has a simple design that clearly shows you where to go to execute specific actions. The process of setting up your profile is as easy as following through a few guided steps. Viewing profiles on the site is also as easy as expressing your interest in them.

Verified ladies

One of the Victoria Hearts’ most notable attributes is its vetting criteria for the women on the site. Administrators are granted access to the women’s legal documents via scan to ensure the women who sign up for profiles on their websites are real individuals with genuine marital intentions. A local marriage agency situated in the lady’s area is also involved in setting up communications as they can verify her identity in person.

Mobile Support

In addition to a friendly website, Victoria Hearts also boasts of a mobile version. That is a life-changing tool as it allows you to use services like messaging while you are on the go. The mobile application enables you to view profiles and like them as well as further improving the algorithm filtered profiles recommended to you. All of that is in addition to the communication features it allows.

Client Support

Unlike some ruthless dating sites that leave you to fend for yourself when the going gets tough, comes with 24/7 client support. In the unlikely event that you face a problem using their site, you may get in touch with a manager who will help you resolve the issue.

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VictoriaHearts Cons


Victoria Hearts has a subscription in place that acts as a paywall around some of the features on offer. It includes features such as the ability to send long letters and take part in a video chat. While the good news is that the amount charged for a subscription won’t cost you an arm and a leg, what lies beyond the subscription has a downside.

The service offers quite little in terms of add-on features to a subscribed client. The features make quite a difference in how you interact with the ladies on their site. However, the addition of more of these romance brewing features on offer to encourage the paid user is a needed improvement.

Full credit policy

Another downside of this dating site concerns the credit policy. The user will only have the full credit policy disclosed to them in the aftermath of becoming a member. Non-members have no way of being aware of this matter, and some may find this discouraging in continuing their pursuits on the site.

VictoriaHearts Pricing 2019

The pricing system used by Victoria Hearts is quite affordable. The subscriptions for credits start from as low as 0.49 USD per credit. These credits can be purchased in bulk. Discounted batches of 10, 50 up to 750 credits are available for purchase. To start your experience as a paid user, an investment of 20 credits for just 9.99 USD is enough.

With this, you can send letters and listen to audios from the ladies’ profiles. To ease up the task of purchasing new credits, you can set up an automatic top-up for your account, that feature can be easily turned on and off in your settings.

Payment Methods

For users looking to fully explore the online dating world in Victoria Heart’s vision, becoming a paid member is very easy. The paid features are available on a subscription basis with the payment method being via credit card. A credit system of payment is implemented by the site, making it easy for you to keep an eye on your incurred expenses.

Paid features all cost a predetermined amount of credits. Once you have paid your subscription, you can use your credits to perform actions such as sending gifts and flowers. You are free to purchase more credits as you please.

Refund Policy (Money-Back)

Victoria Hearts has a reliable refund policy in place for its paying clients. To process your refund, you need to get in touch with Victoria Hearts by emailing to [email protected] concerning your issue. Refunds are prepared for people who have been scammed, and those for whom the services paid for were not rendered. A refund is also in place if you choose to cancel a present you were sent via the service. If you decide to close your account on the site permanently, you are eligible for a refund on the unused credit you have.

How VictoriaHearts Works

To access the services provided by Victoria Hearts, you first need to sign up on the site. That is an easy and well-guided process that will take up a minimal amount of your time. You need to give a few details about yourself so that the site can help to find the perfect match for you as well as to attract women who browse your profile on the site.

Once you are done with setting up your profile, you may be able to go through the profiles of the ladies on the website under the free services provided. Some crucial features are only available to paid users, and it does not take much to be a part of this group.


The registration process begins by visiting On the site, you will be prompted to sign up and set up your profile. Registration involves answering a few crucial questions concerning your views on different aspects of a relationship. The questionnaire is precise, and the click of a button selects your answers. With that done, you may proceed to fill in your details into the form presented to you. This step concludes the signing up process is leaving you to sculpt your profile further as you see fit. Putting up pictures of yourself interesting details about you will help you to get noticed by more women.


VictoriaHearts Profile

Sharing is a great way to get to know each other. You will find that the ladies on the site have a lot to share on their profiles. Searching through the various profiles on display is a breeze. Not only you get to view profiles recommended to you by the site’s algorithm. Besides, you can use filters to highlight features or aspects you would like emphasized by your search. Filter options can bring you to a cache of different parameters such as height or occupation.


Unlike most dating sites, allows you to send messages without the hindrance of a paywall as soon as your profile is up. A quick messaging system is applied for both the application and the website. That is an essential tool in communicating with the lady you have an interest in. The site allows you to share pictures and videos as part of your interactions. Supporting these communication needs are also video calls that can be made using the same platforms. You can also use long letters for communication, a feature giving you more freedom of expression as compared to quick messaging.

Dating Rules

While signing up for their services allows one instant access to profiles of potential sweethearts, there are some rules in place governing interactions on the site. It is quite simple to express interest in the women on the site. That could be through liking their profiles, sending gifts, or messaging them. Consent is quite vital as contact and meetings are processed as request first and foremost before further communication can be established. This upheld standard, of‌ ‌course, applies both for the men and women involved. If you decide to report or block another user, you will also be asked to provide the proof of provoking action.

Girls Profiles

Profiles display to you the woman’s real name and age. You can also tell which country she is from just by reading through the profile provided. Such basic details are readily available, giving you a better chance than relying on a username. That helps to make a quicker human connection. You will be able to find out personal details such as occupation, favorite past time activities, and the kind of man she is interested in.

victoriahearts review

Women can state their views on matters regarding relationships briefly and also air the experience they are expecting from using this dating site. That helps to quickly identify the things you have in common, be it past time activities or family-related views.

The icing on the cake is the ability to see pictures and videos uploaded by the ladies on the site. Here you can see real-life selfies in addition to their profile pictures. From the profile, you can initiate contact in the form of a like, a wink, or send a request to chat.

VictoriaHearts – Our Verdict

Overall, offers a viable solution in the online dating world. It has a high number of active female users with an agreeable response rate. The feedback in the face of all this makes it a highly recommendable dating site to use to meet Eastern European women. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to get started, you don’t need many hours of studying it. Most importantly, safety is an issue well addressed on this site.

VictoriaHearts Video Review

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