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Every year, thousands of European men connect their lives with girls from the Land of the Rising Sun. When you have a conversation with the husbands of Japanese women, then most often it comes down to the fact that Japanese wives are incredible.

If we compare Japanese girls to the Europeans ones, then they are much more housewifely and devoted. Besides, Japanese wives are often the best mothers. They are beautiful, neat, and have other qualities that men appreciate. What else does a man need to have happiness?

Japanese women join dating sites to search for a potential husband from other countries. Their main goal is long-term and stable relationships which are full of love and support. Moreover, they manage to achieve this!

What is so catchy in Japanese wives that they are in high demand among European men? Let’s learn it.

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Japanese Brides Features

Japanese girl, sexy Japanese woman

Each man has his preferences and features of character they appreciate in women. Japanese wives have the most desirable qualities and have their features that will not leave a European man indifferent. Here are some of them:

They are polite and respectful

In Japan, much attention is paid to education, and the main thing is to instill respect in the girl. Japanese girls show their respect for people, especially elders, and traditions and values. Besides, Japanese women are extraordinarily polite; they are careful in how they relate to other people and always think before saying.

They are decisive

Japanese women are very determined girls and often get their way. If she decided to do something, then nothing would stop her. But before they do something, these women think over everything in advance and weigh all the pros and cons.

Japanese girls are independent

Girls from Japan can earn for living for themselves and do not live at the expense of their husbands. They are very smart and hold high positions and receive decent money.

Japanese are true mistresses

Japanese wives are hardworking, and the main thing for them is to create and maintain coziness and comfort in the house. In addition to the clean, tidy, and comfortable houses, these girls also know to cook brilliantly.

A Japanese wife cooks sophisticated meals daily. For example, in France and most other European countries, it is not customary to cook breakfasts. They are limited to cereals, croissants, and other foods that are already prepared.

And, as a rule, husbands and children spend lunch in cafeterias or cafes. All this is incomparable with traditional Japanese cuisine. No semi-finished products – Japanese women do everything themselves and put their souls into it.

What can I say about bento? Bento is a real work of art, a box of food that Japanese wives and mothers give children and husbands with them to study or work. And it’s not some dry sandwiches; bento contains nutritious food that is replete with colors and vitamins. And how beautiful it all takes shape!

Wives from Japan are very caring mothers

In Europe, mothers buy their children everything they need for kindergarten or elementary school. In Japan, mothers do many things with their own hands. You saw how many children have their different backpacks, handbags, and bags, which children happily carry with them every day to the kindergarten. They are all different, and you will not confuse these things with strangers, as is often the case in other countries. It does not mean that everyone should create things for children themselves, but in these handmade things, the mother’s love for the child is manifested.

Why Foreign Men Look for Japanese Brides

Japanese girl, sexy asian girl

Japanese women are stunning, but not only beauty makes them so popular among European men. There are some reasons why men prefer Japanese dating. And here are some of them:


Japanese women are not interested in fleeting relationships; their acquaintances are focused on creating a healthy family. The first thing for Japanese women is family values.

Love children

Do you want your children and a loving mom for them? Japanese women are excellent mothers and take good care of their children. Even if the children are not their own, they will accept them and treat with all trepidation and care.

Smart and well-educated

Japanese ladies are educated. They are brilliant, and it helps them to build a career and support their families. Nevertheless, if they face a choice – family or career, they will prefer family. Japanese women are very respectful to their husbands. But do not try to use it. Asian women are persistent and will not be offended. With the same courage and perseverance, they defend not only their rights but also their family, doing the best for them.


And of course, Japanese girls are incredibly beautiful. Japanese women are always well-groomed, neat, tidy, and also teach their children to do the same. Their eyes always shine, and the heart radiates heat. Incredible energy comes from them and attracts men!

Top Dating Sites to Find a Japanese Bride


AsiaMe is one of the most promising dating sites with a large number of users. This site is not for anyone looking for temporary communication. It aims to create all conditions so that men and women find their couple and live happily ever after. The site is very convenient and easy to use, as well as safe and protected from spammers and scammers. A lot of tools and filters for search are available, which makes it easy to find your couple by the given parameters and as quickly as possible.

  • convenient to use
  • friendly support
  • many tools for searching and communication, messaging
  • stylish design
  • thousands of profiles of Japanese women
  • protection against spammers and scammers


AsiaCharm provides an opportunity for European men to meet women from Thailand, the Philippines, and especially from Japan. Free and easy registration, after which many services are available, including an advanced search for the convenience of users.

There are paid services that make it easy to find your partner, for example, advanced communication options: users can send gifts to each other, make calls and video chats, and decorate their messages with gifts and emojis. But all these services are quite cheap and affordable for everyone. There is a verification procedure. So you will be sure that you are communicating with a real person.

  • easy to use
  • many features and advanced search
  • only verified profiles
  • a large number of Japanese women
  • additional services at low prices
asiacharm register


AsianFeels is another popular site for finding soulmates for most in eastern countries. Easy registration, free profile views, communication – there is everything to find your spouse and get to know it better. The site has paid features at a low price. These are video chats and calls, the exchange of mail and gifts, the ability to see user statistics. The site has its currency, which is quite interesting.

  • free and easy to use
  • many functions for secure communication
  • excellent support service
  • paid features at low prices
  • stylish, laid-back design

Are Japanese Women Worth Marrying?

Any woman deserves to be a wife, and without doubts Japanese women too. These girls respect family values ​​and cherish them the most – isn’t it the most important thing? In addition, Japanese women are well mannered. They are polite, kind, respect themselves, their husbands, and older people from childhood.

Japanese ladies are hardworking and housekeeping. They always maintain coziness and comfort in the house and the family and do it for their pleasure.

Why else should you marry a Japanese woman? These women are elegant, tidy, and organized. They always maintain order in the house and create all conditions for a carefree life.

Japanese women are good and caring mothers. They, like everyone, are ready for anything for the sake of their family and children. Children of Japanese women are always surrounded by warmth and care.

These women cook great! All Japanese women honor Japanese culture and try to cook traditional tasty and healthy food. Is this not enough? Japanese women are great wives, and this must be appreciated. The more you give to them, the more they will provide to you.

Japanese Women Cultural Differences to Keep in Mind

Japanese traditions

Japanese culture teaches women family values. Ever since childhood, girls have been taught that they should take care of their family and invest all of themselves in it. Career is not the main thing, the family is above all, and it needs to be appreciated and supported. Japanese culture also teaches women to respect others, especially their husbands and older people, to be faithful and honest.

Lying to anyone was considered inadmissible and shameful among the Japanese. These women know how to solve problems in relationships; they are smart and always find a way out. Japanese ladies are brought up at the highest level; this defines Japanese women. It is the credo of Japanese culture. You cannot find such girls; they are individual. And they are attracted not by beauty, not by external qualities, but by their soul.

Japanese culture has always paid attention to spiritual education. Asian girls radiate warmth and happiness and share this warmth with those around them. These ladies are worthy of marriage and being a loving wife.


Japanese women are the most beautiful wives. In this article, we looked at several sites where you can find these wonderful ladies. It is worth trying to register, and you will have many opportunities to find a couple. Japanese women have many qualities that help create a truly strong and friendly family. Japanese culture once again confirms that these girls stand out among brides. You will not be disappointed if you call a Japanese woman to marry. They will surprise you and leave a lot of pleasant memories!

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