DateRussianBeauty Review 2019

DateRussianBeauty is a website which provides a dating platform for people all around the globe. It primarily focuses on Russian women. One can also find the gorgeous girls who come from neighboring countries like Ukraine, Finland, Norway, and Estonia, who might surprise you with their stunning beauty and charm.

The establishment of the online dating site dates back to 1998. Unlike other new and untrustable dating sites in the market, DateRussianBeauty is one of the oldest dating sites on the Internet. 

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Why DateRussianBeauty  

There are hundreds of online dating sites operating in the world, and many new sites launch every day. Many of the online dating sites are not safe enough, and there is a risk of losing privacy. Only a few online dating sites provide confidentiality, but they charge hefty subscription fees.

DateRussianBeauty stands out from many other dating websites and their close competitors. The website is very safe, and it has an SSL encryption, which prevents data leak. DMCA also protects it, so it has a pretty high reputation in the online dating field with its speedy customer service. User-friendly interface, presence of useful and convenient features, and reasonable pricing attract new users.

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DateRussianBeauty is best for  

DateRussianBeauty is suitable for everyone who wants to find their soulmate online. Mostly, the girls are from Russia, but some have an origin of Ukraine, Finland, Norway, and Estonia. Many of them are desperate to find their soulmates locally. You can expect to see a girl with outstanding appearance, lovely personalities, decent family values, and romantic nature, especially if you are in Russia for a vacation. 

With the help of this website, you will find a beautiful woman with a romantic and sympathetic character in minutes. You can also find ladies who are very motivated to get married and to devote themselves to the family.

Moreover, DateRussianBeauty offers 24/7 customer service, user-friendly, and interactive design, along with the presence of useful and convenient features at a reasonable price. The best part of this website is that it is accessible from everywhere and you can log in from any device. There is also a mobile app which is available for free that contains all the features you need to find your future wife.  

DateRussianBeauty Feedback 

DateRussianBeauty find a partner

The feedback of users who have already used the service is critical to know the quality of service it offers. Regarding this website, we have found tons of satisfying users. Feedback from some of the users are:

It is one of the most trustworthy dating sites in the world. I found a Russian soulmate Kristina whom I used to chat with, and we are married now. Everything is excellent between us. I want to thank DateRussianBeauty for bringing such a charming lady in my life. (Joseph & Kristina) 

I want to thank DateRussianBeauty from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for this site. Here I met my soulmate, Anna. Thanks again. (Rhymes & Anna)  

I find myself very lucky, as I had discovered this precious site with alluring matches, excellent customer support, and a straightforward interface. But the main thing is that it helped me to find such a beautiful woman. (Edward & Sasha)  

DateRussianBeauty Pros  

Time savior  

The best advantage of DateRussianBeauty site is that it takes less than 5 minutes to register and even less time to sign up. It stands apart from other websites which take around 20 minutes to an hour to complete the personalized questionnaire. The site does not include useless questions.


DateRussianBeauty website is trendy, and there are many online users. This website constitutes a unique dating environment, which is a gift for singles. It can match according to the interests, values, and personal qualities.

Extensive choices   

DateRussianBeauty has the option to report or block anyone who behaves in a suspicious, threatening, or harmful way. The most crucial part is that DateRussianBeauty uses an intelligent matching system to recommend active singles each other. Based on their previous searches, the system learns from every click you make on the site.

It also allows us to chat and communicate, and the important one is that this website sets personalized filters on inboxes and searches. It has an option of limiting the users who can inspect your photos or profile.  

Date Russian Beauty review: profiles

Customer service  

DateRussianBeauty also has excellent customer service. If you are looking for dating advice or giving feedback, the customer service team will assist you with your questions. 

DateRussianBeauty Cons  

Much efforts

To find the perfect partner, it requires your time. It requires a regular refreshment of pictures and profiles. You need to have the patience for the other side to see your messages and react.  


Not all but some people on the site are obtuse and messy. They are harsh and unfriendly. It does not apply to most of the users out there, but you can find some of the irreverent users.  

Unwanted messages

Fake individuals with false profiles are present. It is not regulated correctly. Some individuals send messages that are uncommon and are not proper to use.

Negative encounters  

Sometimes you may face antagonistic encounters while dating on this website. It may be casual in most of the dating sites out there.

Same old user interface

The user interface of this website is okay, but it doesn’t seem to be updated frequently. Some users may feel a lack of creativity. Some of them who migrated from newer sites with the updated interface may feel it.

DateRussianBeauty Pricing 2019  

Like most of the online dating sites, DateRussianBeauty is free to sign up to and use. However, you have to spend money on using some of the most popular website features. Payment allows you to use the site at an optimum level. In a free plan, you can browse profiles, upload photos to your profile, and handle customer service. You do not need to link your card for a free account.

Some extreme and exciting features such as chat, CamShare, and priority customer care require you to have connected cards and must have credits in your account. To increase and impress the girl and show your highest affection towards her, you can also send flowers or gifts to a woman you like, which require you to spend credits on.

Payment Methods  

DateRussianBeauty payment methods

Payment methods are essential for the dating site. They are crucial if you want to upgrade the plan and purchase via an online dating website. Popular credit cards are accepted, which include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. American Express is applicable for buying credits only in some countries.

Besides, various e-Wallets and payment gateways support payment. Some of them are PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Skrill, Perfect Money, and so on. So, there are plenty of supported methods for payment on the site.

Refund Policy (Money-back)  

If you accidentally subscribe premium plan and want your money back, you can get a refund. Though the website claims no refunds for partially used periods, it says they may offer a refund within 14 days of paying. We suggest that if you find yourself in the same situation, it is always worth trying for a refund. You will need your order reference code from the confirmation email, but the process is straightforward. 

How DateRussianBeauty Works  

There are thousands of girls from big Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are also many women from smaller towns. There are thousands of girls who just turned 18-20 years old looking for their first serious relationship. If you want to meet the amazing women of DateRussianBeauty, you have various options. If you are fortunate, you can click on the online button and see online women.

You can also filter women by their age range, location, and choose ladies who are available for CamShare too. The site is very secure with an active SSL encryption, as mentioned above, which prevents data leak. DMCA protection is present, and the site has a pretty high reputation.


It is straightforward and easy to register on the website. First of all, the site will ask for your first and last name, your birth date, and then you have to choose who you are looking for, male or female on the website. After completion of this step, you need to enter your email and password to finish the registration.

Now, you should confirm registration clicking on the link sent by DateRussianBeauty to your email address. In some rare cases, the site administration will ask you to verify your profile. In that case, don’t panic; you need to wait for a little until you can get full access to the website. You will be notified about the verification by email, and you are ready to find your soulmate.  


DateRussianBeauty Search

If you are struggling to find a particular person on this website, the website does have a search feature. It allows you to search for someone within the site as long as the person is registered. Other than this, you can use various filters for choosing the age of your soul partner and location where you can filter girls near you. Rather than that, you can search based on interests and preferences.

So, you can use filters based on age, gender, location, and distance. By setting your preferences on Discovery Settings, you can search on a search profile so that you can have higher chances to match with a person.


For starting a conversation, there is a search feature which allows you to search for someone within site as long as the person you are seeking is in DateRussianBeauty. Then, you need to send invites. If the user accepts, you can message her and chat with her. It is just that simple to do.

You can start noticing behaviors and habits you both have and ask her questions about those things, creating a reliable connection. It’s very convenient to access the profiles of Russian single girls. You can communicate with your best choice via instant messages, video chat, as well as gift delivery. The site has a transparent policy, and there are no hidden fees.

Dating rules  

  • Never show nudity, no sexual content, and any other form of social harassment. You will be in a severe problem if anyone reports you.
  • Never send any sexual content to your matches. Threats, bullying, or intimidation are considered as terrorism promotion. Also, there is a restriction of any assault on the website. 
  • Always be real and don’t use DateRussianBeauty to do anything illegal. All the unlawful activities are prohibited on the site, and if found, your account will have a permanent suspension.
  • Always report the users with bad behavior and intention. It will make the site managers easier to filter the site for a positive environment.

Girls Profiles

daterussianbeauty profiles

DateRussianBeauty mainly has profiles of the girls from Russia. You can also find the beautiful ladies from neighboring countries like Ukraine, Finland, Norway, and Estonia who surprise you with their stunning beauty. So instantly, you can search based on interests and preferences. You can use filters based on age, gender, location, and distance.

By setting your preferences for the best match, you can make use of the powerful search system. The site uses an advanced method to recommend active singles to each other based on their previous searches. The system learns from every click you make on the site. It also allows you to chat and communicate. You can browse profiles, upload photos to your profile, and use customer service free without paying a dollar.  

Russian girls date men who will have a healthy relationship for a happy family in the future. They are always eager to become good wives and caring mothers. They filter the girls and place into the gallery only those girls who have serious intentions. You can start a conversation with the girls by casual texting but regular contact that makes them feel intimate. Also, you can use some pickup lines and make a purchase using your credits for advanced features offered by the site.

DateRussianBeauty – Our Verdict

DateRussianBeauty is one of the ideal dating sites out there. It is suitable for almost anyone searching for the best match in Russia. It maintains its high reputation in the online dating field with its speedy customer service, user-friendly design, and convenient features. 

Due to reasonable pricing and various payment methods, we suggest you search for your soulmate at DateRussianBeauty. Hence, the site is one of the best options to choose for Russian singles who are desperately waiting for their perfect match and are willing for a happy future with soul love.

DateRussianBeauty Video Review

At the moment, our team is creating DateRussianBeauty video review. We will add it immediately after we finish it. Stay updated!

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