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It is indisputable that CharmDate stands as the oldest functioning dating websites you can use today. Since 1998, this dating service has been around to help millions of people locate dream partners. It has also helped them build relationships that last. CharmDate was created by Qpid Network, a Company managing various niches dating websites such as AsiaMe,, and

Similar to these other dating websites, CharmDate operates a particular target market. It is among the famous online dating websites where men from all over the world can meet and connect with beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine. This site is popular for being the best website for foreign marriages and love matches.

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Why CharmDate?

The reasons to work with CharmDate are numerous. It is the best dating website that gives you access to gorgeous Slavic beauties. This website only delivers the best and credible profiles of original Russian and Ukrainian women looking for foreign partners.

CharmDate serves as a bridge that connects hearts from various countries. With this service, you can get closer to different cultures and find a uniting ground for two lonely souls. CharmDate boasts of a large database of active and verified singles. profiles

The communication system is efficient to open the world of real relationships. always provides professional support and top-level security to the clients. As long as the bride of your dreams is Ukrainian or Russian then, CharmDate is your best option.

CharmDate is Best for?

If you are certain that foreign and international dating is your spec, then CharmDate is for you.  When you cannot locate your dream bride or love in your own country, this website can help you out. Also, if you don’t want a date or bride from the country of your residence, contact CharmDate for help. It is your best bet to achieve your dream.

CharmDate have a particular target market. This site is among the top leaders in online dating that enables men around the world to meet and connect with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women.

The site has more men members than females. Yet, there are millions of gorgeous young ladies who are available for you to talk and chat with. 

CharmDate is famous as the foreign marriage site where you can find love and long-lasting relationship. Through this website, girls from Eastern Europe can now meet and communicate with Western men without difficulties.

CharmDate Feedbacks

There are many feedback from the people who have used this site. Most of the reviews CharmDate gets are positive, although you can encounter a few negative ones as nothing is perfect. The important thing is that CharmDate can satisfy the needs of their clients in general. Feel free to visit our reviews page to learn more. Now check out these testimonials!

“Saved me a fortune”

According to Mart B, he was able to save a fortune due to CharmDate. He was able to get the girl of his dreams through this site while avoiding the cost of expensive dinners, surprise flowers, and gifts. According to him, CharmDate has its fees, but it didn’t take a toll on his bank account.

“A wonderful place”

It is a testimonial from Ankly J. He says that CharmDate is a wonderful platform where you can meet new people to gist with. According to him, he is having the time of his life here while searching for the woman of his dreams.

charmdate couples, perfect match

“This website makes me feel that I turned back in time.”

This particular review is from Arron Hans. There are so many positive testimonials concerning CharmDate. You only have to visit our reviews site to learn more.

CharmDate Pros

Active and verified profiles

You will only get the connection of those whose profiles are active and verified.

Easy to use

Since this website has lasted for 20 years now, it has become more adept at matching online relationships. The secret is that it makes everything quite simple and easy to access. CharmDate is equipped with meticulous and thorough professional matchmakers, dating experts, and developers who make everything easy for users.

Provision of Services and Support

If you are using this site, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. CharmDate provides you with top-notch services and full support as well. CharmDate’s service offers various tools that can help you enjoy effective communication with potential brides. For instance; the website offers

  • EMF Mails – which is a traditional mode of interaction. When you find someone that interests you, you can confess yourself by dropping a love letter.
  • Live Chat – This is an interesting way to have immediate communication
  • Love Call – a cool way to hear the voice of the other person
  • Camshare – this is an interactive way for members to chat
  • Flowers and virtual gifts to promote your relationship

Signing is free

You don’t have to pay before you sign up since it is free!

Members are uncountable

With CharmDate’s extensive database of members across the world, you have many options to choose from

Efficient communication system

This site operates with efficient and standard tools. As a result, every kind of user can enjoy it.

Sophisticated safety tools

The security tools applied by CharmDate are top-notch. They use those to safeguard clients and offer them support.

CharmDate Cons

There aren’t that many disadvantages which you can associate to CharmDate. However, we can mention the few that there are. For instance:

Communication between members is paid

If you want to communicate with a member of this service, you will have to pay for it.

Making a choice is difficult

With so many beautiful and gorgeous women made reachable, it is quite confusing to make a choice. All of them are good, beautiful, and worthy. It becomes challenging to choose only one out of them.

You cannot have direct contact

Due to safety purposes, you cannot have direct contact with any of the beauties. Although it protects you from scammers, it is quite frustrating.

Ads placing

Placing your adverts is not quite as simple as you are led to believe. There are so many hoops to jump before you can do that.

CharmDate Pricing 2019

This website is a platform based on credit just as most of the communication services require credits. However, you need to pay some time for your happy ending. The security and services rendered on this site are top-notch, and they are updated regularly. Therefore, it is vital to have a financial backup. Even at that, CharmDate’s prices are fair to users and the website overall.

If you want to have access to the complete list features, there is a need for you to adopt the payment plan. You have to buy Qpid credits which will enable you to receive or send messages. CharmDate also accepts payments you made from

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Cards

The prices of CharmDate’s Qpid credit prices are as follows;

  • 2 credits = $15.99
  • 16 credits =$96
  • 100 credits = $3999

Payment Methods

The payment method used by CharmDate is not complicated at all. You only need to follow these methods

  • You can draw up a check in the U.S. dollars from any bank located in the United States. When you send this check, you have authorized ETS to make use of your information at its discretion. They can now transact a one-time debit electronically from your account for the exact figure on your check.
  • An additional cost of U.S. $20 will be included in your payment if by chance you have insufficient funds on your account to cover the registration cost.
  • You can also pay through debit or credit cards
  • CharmDate also receives payment from PayPal and through E-Check
  • Western union is another method of payment for international payments.

Refund Policy (Money back)

Your refund will be processed if your cancellation comes within 4 days before the test date. You will immediately get a refund that is equal to half of your test fee. For instance; the dateline for you to cancel an appointment for Saturday in the U.S. is on Tuesday. The remaining balance of your payment will be used to cover costs made during the process of your registration and retaining space at your testing location. 

  • Any refunds to you will be in U.S. dollars
  • You will not receive any cash refunds
  • If you did not follow the appropriate registration process, you would not get any refund.
  • If you used a debit or credit card to make your payment, your refund would be processed, and the original bank account or PayPal will be credited.
  • Payments through E-check will also be processed, and your original bank account or PayPal will be credited
  • Check payments will wait for eight weeks after the cancellation before processing your cancellation.

How CharmDate Works

Immediately you sign up to become a member of CharmDate, you will get free vouchers and coupons. These things will enable you to enjoy the messaging attributes in CharmDate. However, when these coupons expire, you will have to buy more credit units. Starting from then, every of your action will including chatting with a co-member has its price. If you want to make use of any CharmDate features, you will pay before unlocking and using any of them. Most of the features are paid according to the length of time you will use them.

On the other hand, some of the features only require a one-off purchase. You can use every purchase once, and you will pay for each feature. Thus; you will be paying for each email you send even though you are sending it to a particular person. 

Registration registration, sign up

Registration on CharmDate is quite free. What is required from you is providing certain information concerning you. It will enable the administration to include you as one of the site users and members. You are required to provide;

  • Date of birth
  • Your email address
  • Full name
  • The country of your residence
  • Confirmation of your account through your email.
  • You should check your email to enable you to make use of the message CharmDate will send to you
  • Then you can fill in your unique profile after you get confirmation of your registration


You only need to commence your search through Google. Type in that you are looking for attractive single women or men for a date in Russia or Ukraine. Google will provide many options for you to choose from. CharmDate will appear on your search engine to click on and proceed from there.


CharmDate has every contacting and messaging feature that you will ever want to use. You can use the basic emails or live chats if you so wish. There is also simple video chats and call services which you can utilize. Everything you may need for a successful messaging session with your potential bride is available at CharmDate. In short, its communication services are one of the best among every other dating site.

Dating Rules

CharmDate has quite strict rules which are laid down to ensure the safety and security of the site’s users. For instance, any contact information exchange with members is prohibited. Any obscene content will be filtered out from your conversations.

You have to follow the appropriate method of payment structure that is verified by CharmDate. Every registration will be thoroughly researched and verified before you become a member.

Girls’ Profiles

The girls are not asked to include additional information to their profile. However, they will be required to share as much information about them as they can since it can only benefit them. If you are searching, you can vary the information by narrowing it to the criteria of the woman you are looking for.

For instance; you can use their religion, marital status, children, job, and many other factors. You can even use her I.D. to view a particular woman on CharmDate. Some of the girls also produce videos where you can see them better.

CharmDate – Our Verdict

CharmDate has an excellent reputation as an online dating service that delivers good-looking and handsome men and women all over the globe. There are many positive reviews available from happy couples whom this site helped to find their dream partners. CharmDate provides useful and affordable services. Furthermore, our teams of dating and matchmaking experts are working 24/7 to make sure our readers are comfortable and safe. Feel free to work with our trustworthy site in your quest for the perfect place to find your soulmate.

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