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What we do

Being a team of experts in online dating, we have committed all of our resources to find out the most reliable dating sites to offer informative and in-depth reviews of mail-order sites. Our mission is to help you find out the most reputable dating platform and save you from the ones that are not worthy enough of your time and money. We also provide detail guides about European and Slavic brides, allowing you to meet females from different nations. All of the information shared on this platform is to increase your basic understanding of different social groups, ensuring that you can mesmerize the women of your dream. In addition to this, we also share the most important tips and tricks coming from the most influential romantic experts. These tips and tricks might lead to a healthy marriage or will at least offer a pleasant dating experience. 

How the site works

To determine the reliability of the dating site, we make use of a strict rating system. For instance, we make use of the following criteria –

1. Legality

We do not encourage dating platforms with fake profiles and a dubious security system. It is one of the most obvious indicators for us that the dating site is not worthy enough to enter our list of reliable dating platforms. 

2. Girls Profiles

We perform a thorough image check of all the dating platform to decide whether the profiles are real or fake. For instance, if all of the profile images on the website appear to be picture perfect and might look as if taken from the internet, we understand that something is fishy. Not all pictures can be perfect, and thus we do not encourage those websites on your list. 

3. Features

The rating criteria that we make use of – to offer the list of best dating website is the variety of features provided by a particular dating platform. Features such as live chat, exchanging gifts, and others are important. If such features are not available, we do not include that online dating site on our list. 

4. Website Design

Website design is one of the most critical aspects. If the website is not aesthetically pleasing, users leave them forever, never to return. The website that has a good user interface, along with proper placement of all elements on the site, is the one that we choose for our ratings. 

5. Prices

We assume that the Russian bride website is unreliable if they offer the services for absolutely free. For a reliable dating platform, the pricing details for each feature, including the membership plans, should be provided under the package options. 

6. Safety

To protect your data, the online dating platform should have advanced SSL encryption. We ensure that the website we have reviewed has this feature. You can count on us for your safety. 

7. Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important things when it comes to remote dating. There should be a team ready to answer all of your burning questions. Therefore, we evaluate the customer support of all dating websites to figure out if the platform is reliable or not. 

How do we make money?

Our major source of income comes in the form of commissions through cooperating with brands. It helps us in serving you better with useful information. We choose the top brands, review them in and out, and provide the best quality information to ensure seamless dating experience, every time. 

Why are we affiliated with them?

The reason is that we operate as a business. With the help of advertisements, we can keep running our website to deliver information about the most reliable services available. It also helps us to keep the reviews relevant to the latest information. It is because of this; we can ensure that all of the data we offer is accurate. 

Does it impact services/product ratings and reviews?

Not at all. We only support those dating platforms which have shown the best result after conducting a thorough analysis. The services that are listed on our website have shown better results than others, which were included in the review process. 

Why are we disclosing this?

Being transparent with our users is the most important thing for us. We do not encourage cheating in any manner and do not perform any activity which can harm our reputation. 

Will it cost you more money?

There is no additional overhead cost apart from the established price. 

Why are we here?

We operate with the mission to help people find their soulmates, and it is the main reason we are operating in the online dating business. With our aim to assist people in finding their potential future partners, we are putting all of our time and effort into this noble cause. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate and reliable information, which might help you in finding your true love.